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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 13, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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arsonist who set as many as 13 fires in less than a week. what neighbors are now doing to protect themselves. >> and the efforts to keep transit workers from walking off the job. >> the 49ers home in the bay area keeping hopes alive for a sixth super bowl title. we're going to take a look at what's flex for the red and gold in their quest for six. >> a live look outside on this monday morning, some people get down on monday mornings but a monday after the 49ers defeated the panthers it's a good monday, january 13th and this is "today in the bay." good morning. it's a really good morning.
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>> a great morning. >> we going to bid it up? >> go for it. >> lots to get to this morning including the 49ers highlights. first let's check the forecast. good morning. >> good morning. terry is right. some people get down on a monday but after that game we're going to get down on a monday. looking good around here. 45 degrees in san francisco, what a great game. 37 in the north bay. beautiful conditions to start. we're headed toward summer-like level this is week. your mind is going to be blown when i show you the potential records that we're headed for all week long. your full forecast is moments away. let's say good morning to mike. >> good morning. we're looking toward oakland. turn the cameras south up to the coliseum with the headlights, away from the coliseum with the taillights down to san leandro where there was construction and a road closure. we'll show you on the map. the road the nimitz freeway and it's reopened as crews clear from the northbound side and southbound you see slowing,
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those crews should be moving now as we approach the 5:00 hour. all lanes will be cleared as well. approaching the bay bridge no problems, no delays out of richmond or the caldecott tunnel area. we'll watch for a heavier flow. heavier than last week but nothing dramatic. tuesday we see the big volume. back to you. >> thank you. the hunt is on in the south bay this morning for a serial arsonist that struck at least five times over the weekend. police released this sketch of their person of interest. a white or hispanic man between 25 and 40. she between 6 and 6 feet 2 inches, 160 to 180 pounds. they say he has large frame glasses. police say he has caused 13 suspicious fires near the downtown san jose area in less than a week, all have been set between 2:00 and 6:00 a.m. people living in the area are handing out flyers and have organized neighborhood watch night in an effort to keep their homes safe. >> terrible what's happening and
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we want to try to help do something about it. >> to turn the porch lights on it does make a difference. make sure that things are visible so that this guy can't just hide out and set multiple fires in a short time period. >> mere is another look at that person of interest. if you see him call 911. do not approach him. a $10,000 reward is being offered for the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for these fires. an orinda hills home is destroyed after a two-alarm fire. the chief says the house fire happened about two miles from wagner ranch elementary school. the firefighters about 20 minutes to contain the fire. the cause of the fire under investigation. >> here we go, one step closer to the elusive sixth super bowl title. 49ers back getting ready to get back to work.
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>> that is jim harbaugh thanking the die-hard fans waiting there welcoming the team home to the facility in santa clara late last night. today he and the rest of the 9ers coaching staff will be back at the facility getting ready for sunday's showdown with its division rival the seattle seahawks. the series between the teams are split. both winning at home. take a listen. >> kaepernick. >> 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick running it in for the touchdown. niners defense coming through in the second half keeping the panthers off the scoreboard as mindy tells us sunday's game really was what we expected to see from two of the top defenses in the league. >> coming into the divisional playoff game it was really heralded as the two best defenses in the league two of the top, and when you look at the 49ers defense they wanted to
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prove that they were every bit as good as the panthers. it started in the first drive for the panthers in the third quarter as they came in. how did you see that set up the rest of the game >>9ers were a step slow but when the offense scored at the end of the first half, then defense really picked it up. they forced the three and out at the very beginning of the second half. which led to a 49ers touchdown and a 10-point lead. and then what happened was that the panthers put together a very good drive. 13 plays, controlling the clock, they really were in position to make a ball game out of it. get back, cut it inside, a touchdown. but then the 49ers defense stepped up with two huge plays, a sack, brooks with a sack, and all of a sudden the panthers' back was broken. 13-play drive and all they had out of it was a punt. so i think that really was the key sequence in this game. the 49ers defense stepped up big
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time in the third quarter. >> on that long drive the punt came with two reserves in at the end. we saw demarcus dobbs. i they rotated the linemen. >> they did. we've seen it. 49ers have good depth. look at what they have done with carlos rogers, a starter, who played every snap, basically, a cornerback for his first three seasons, cox played the nickelback role. 49ers had a fresh rotation of defensive linemen. it was a good all around effort after expending so much energy to beat the green bay packers, the 49ers stepped up. this was a total team victory. >> have to man up one more time against the seahawks before they get rest before they head to new york if they can make it to the super bowl. we'll have more on the 49ers win against the panthers. for now, for nbc bay area.
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>> about a two-hour flight to seattle. 9er fans were planning to make the trip to see the game. that is until seattle threw them a curveball. the seahawks put tickets on sale but only to people with billing addresses from washington, oregon, alaska, hawaii and parts of canada. california residents cannot buy them directly but have to use third party sites like stub hub. 49er fans say they are not happy about that. >> i think it's wrong. it's wrong. why should we have to pay more just because we're in seattle. >> the team says it did to the give preference to seahawks fans who want to go to the game and to prevent scalping. 49er fans think it's seattle's way of guaranteeing it has the noisiest stadium in the national football league. >> 49ers play seattle 3:30 on
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sunday. nbc bay area will have coverage up to the game and highlights after it's over. go to our website and search 49ers. >> looking forward to next weekend. but this weekend weather is going to be nice. >> a nice week too. >> good morning to you. temperature this is morning are a little on the chilly side. thanks for waking up with us on a back to work, back to taking the kids to school monday. 45 in san francisco. i want to show you a pretty shot of the city. this is what greets you out the front door. temperatures are nice and cold and it's clear here but look at that. almost a full moon a couple days away. a beautiful start here. and no fog to report. so, let's get right into your forecast and really important things to tell you about. starting today you want to dress for a spring afternoon, maybe a summer afternoon with temperatures approaching the 70s on the east bay. will 65 in san francisco, 68 degrees in the south bay. really warm for this time of year. almost 10 to 15 degrees above
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average. i hope you had a great weekend. the changes start today. hazy sunshine. by tomorrow, 10 to 15 degrees above average. tomorrow looks like the peak of the warmth and then as we head throughout the week we'll likely be sparing the air as you know we get these warming trends our air quality suffers. the showers that we accumulated over the weekend, remember, the seven-day forecast is right here at the bottom of your screen but i have so much to go over with you when it comes to the climbing temperatures and who could be talking records so stick around. right now got to get out the door. here is mike inouye. >> there you go. look at this, the north bay. southbound 101 with these headlights around the curve at terra linda approaching north san pedro road. in the area we're looking at the maps, reports that a deer was hit and killed that is around that san rafael bridge interchange, 101 toward eastbound 580 so watch for flashing lights as we have to head there and make sure lanes are clear. the rest of the bay area moving
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smoothly on either side of the bay. we'll look at the south bay w your typical overnight road crews at the 880/280 and 101 and palo alto watch for that. no major issues. a live look at fremont shows you the volume. pretty predictable. bottom of the corner, the left side, the flag is flapping but no wind advisories from chp. >> the commuters listen to this. the california senate will debate on a bill barring employees of state public transit systems from going on strike. the legislation was proposed by the senate republican leader. he says we're going to make californians reliant on public transportation we have an obligation to make sure it keeps running. an employee who broke the no strike law would forfeit pay for every day the law is broken. >> if you park at certain b.a.r.t. stations you have to bring more change. starting today, parking fees going up by 50 cents, the
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increase affects the fremont, pittsburg, bay point, daly city and millbrae lines. these will increase to others later this month. b.a.r.t. evaluates and it can increase or decrease the fee. >> it's 4:41. our coverage of the 49ers continues. colin kaepernick. >> the south bay skater has a shot at her dream. she is just 15 years of age. >> and new worries for shoppers after another big store announces there was a credit card security breach during the holiday shopping season.
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49ers continue their quest for six in seattle on sunday but the talk this morning how colin kaepernick showed up cam newton. check this out. show on the left kaepernick finishing off a touchdown run with a little performance there, busting open his shirt like super man and then kaepernicking. look at the right. superman is cam newton's
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signature move. panthers weren't pleased. one player shook his head in disgust. fans also displeased, they booed. but the scoreboard tells the final story. niners win it. we'll have continuing coverage all morning long. >> a number of world leaders paying tribute to ariel sharon at a state memorial ceremony in jerusalem. among the speakers vice president joe biden who describes sharon as an indomitable and complex man. he referred to the united states unflagging commitment. dennis rodman is apologizing for not being able to help an american missionary detained in north korea during his trip there. following the week-long trip rodman told media she sorry he couldn't do anything and it wasn't his fault. rodman led a squad of retired nba players to north korea to
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play a game celebrating the birthday of his friend kim jong-un. rodman apologized for statements about kenneth bae detained more than a year. >> target's ceo speaking out since the security breach that affected tens of millions of people. he spoke to cnbc. seema mody live this morning with details on that and wall street has a slow start so far. good morning. >> that's right. futures lower after the markets had a muted response to friday's jobs report which showed fewer jobs created in december than expected. however, the unemployment rate dropped to 6.7%. some experts blame the slow job growth on bad weather. the focus this week earnings which kicks off tomorrow. analysts expect earning growth to rise 6% in the fourth quarter t dow falling 8 points, the nasdaq up by 19.
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target ceo speaks out for the first time since the retailer was hit by a massive data brief in the holiday shopping season. friday target said more than 100 million accounts were compromised. greg stein hoeffel says while the full extent is not known he is confident target stores are safe and secure. more than 30 states are involved in a nationwide probe. neiman-marcus says it was hit by a hacker attack during the holidays. the retailer says it's unclear how many customers may have been impacted. hackers stole data from three other retailers in december. walmart, home depot and macy's say they were not affected. >> thanks so much. >> let's check the story impacting everybody in the bay area pretty much all week long, the warm-up. christina. >> you know, i think a lot of people are looking forward to it. a lot of people don't love the cold and as you know we need the
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rain, we did pick up over a quarter inch over the weekend, tahoe picked up snow as well. not quite, we're not going to call it that because they need a lot of snow. 45 in livermore. 46 in concord. just about every single ski resort sent me pictures. upwards of five inches and they needed it. we're in the 30s and the 40s, headed toward the 70s in many cities, the south bay one of the warmest regions. about 70 degrees in morgan hill, along the peninsula not too far from 70 degrees at 68 in belmont, san francisco, sunshine, up and down the coastline. crystal clear. 69 for napa, 71 santa rosa, east bay mid-60s headed your way, fremont today 66 degrees, 65 in walnut creek and upper 60s for the tri-valley. so really about 5 to 10 degrees above average tomorrow more like 10 to 15 degrees above average. as we keep on climbing remember
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your seven-day forecast tells that story at the bottom of your screen. look at this, we're in the 70s not just today, just about with every single day this week. temperatures above average. and here's the good news. i'm watching the long range models. after we get through with this warm-up we're going to open up the storm door. we'll talk about that, changes to come, break out the spring wardrobe for this week. back to you, terry and laura. >> thanks very much. a former santa clara elementary school principal accused of selling drugs will be back in court today. eric lewis who pleaded not guilty to drug-related charges including five felonies is in court for a preliminary mary hearing. he was arrested in september of 2012 after police received a tip he was selling methamphetamine in san jose and san francisco. if found guiltily could spend up to eight years in jail. >> a foster farms plant is closed again a day after calling employees back to work. usda shut down the central valley chicken processing plant
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on wednesday because of a cockroach infestation. the suspension was lifted two days later and work resumed this weekend after foster farms cleaned and treated the plant. now the company says it's voluntarily suspending operations for several days so it can properly implement new safety measures. >> the ntsb is investigating why a southwest airlines flight landed at the wrong missouri airport last night. flight 4013 from chicago midway was supposed to land at branson airport, missouri but landed at a tiny airport about seven miles away. and close doesn't count. no one was hurt, pilots had to hit the brakes hard to keep from going off that shorter runway. passengers were bussed to the correct airport. they reportedly received a $200 voucher for their trouble. strike up the band. 15-year-old from the bay area
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headed to sochi as part of the olympic figure skating team. polina edmunds of san jose won the silver medal at the nationals in boston over the weekend. yesterday she found out she and two other figure skaters were named to the team. she will be the first female figure skater from the bay area competing since kristi yamaguchi in 1992. >> my results were very good and very fair. and i think that i'm really happy that i did it in this olympic year and i'm excited to see what happens from here on out. >> we're excited for you. her dad also thrilled by the news. he says the sophomore at archbishop high school has a lot to juggle. >> i don't think it's all sunk in as much. but we're very proud of her and will probably miss about three
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weeks of school and they are serious about school there so we have to stay on top of that while she's gone to the olympics as well. >> middy high school home to two other olympians, kerri walsh in volleyball and polina returns later today. >> one of the top two spots, the third went to ashley wagner despite finishing fourth. the nationals typically serve as an olympics trial. >> congratulations to those that made it. we're going to have a highlights from the golden globes award. >> i was not invited to that but have i highlights of the san mateo bridge. clear view and clear drive
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between the sides of the bay.
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you know, inside it was 71st annual golden globes awards. >> some predictable winners and surprises. >> true story of a free man sold into slavery honors as best
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drama. also matthew mcconaughey for "dallas buyers club" and cate blanchett with a best actress nod for "blue jasmine." shot in marin county in part. "american hustle" dominated the comedy category. best picture and best actress for amy adams and jennifer lawrence. >> you were so incredible and unforgettable and -- thank you to my family and my team and i'm sorry i'm shaking so much. >> best supporting actress to jared leto for "dallas buyers club" and leonardo decap preo for "the wolf of wall street." >> breaking bad took honors as best draw ma. bryan cranston best actor. "brooklyn nine-nine," and andy samberg. >> a lot of celebrating. a little celebrating at the mike
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inouye house? >> yes. somebody got old there. >> happy belated birthday. >> thank you. i'm still old. looking here, never gets old, though, easy drive for palo alto, smooth flow for 101. i did see sensors slowing as you came out into the area but that has cleared up so more folks hitting the roadways. back to you. >> 4:57. team coverage of the 49ers quest for six continues next. a look at what's coming up for the red and gold and in depth analysis from carolina. >> what we could learn today after a palo alto couple dies in a house fire.
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on the loose. police searching for a serial arsonist keeping a south bay neighborhood on edge. the latest on a search in a live report. >> plus, 49er fans not just getting ready for seattle but the dreaded 12th man as well. the seahawks are doing to keep
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their advantage that has 9er fans so upset. >> they have to do a lot. they have to do a lot. taking it live to san francisco, beautiful way to start the day. nice and clear out here. calendar says january. temperatures read more like may. your full forecast reveals record warmth this week. >> traffic is reading like 5:00 a.m. lighter here but we have construction. i'll let you know about the overnight closure. we'll give you the latest coming up. >> a live look outside. city by the bay, glorious this morning. look at the bay bridge. nice way to start out a monday morning together. it's monday, january 13th, this is "today in the bay." a very good monday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. a developing story out of the south bay. police in san jose trying to hunt down a serial arsonist who ck


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